There are three main methods for transportation in Final Fantasy XI:

These large, herbivorous birds are unable to fly, but their powerful legs allow them to run at high speeds. In the past, the Elvaan primarily used chocobos as mounts–but as of late, chocobos have been raised all over the world and are a popular form of transportation. Great skill is required to ride them due to their wild nature.

Chocobos were originally native to the La Theine Plateau, but the untamed members of the species have long since become extinct. These birds are very fond of gysahl greens.

Selbina-Mhaura Ferry:
This ferry is actually a cargo ship that carries adventurers across the Bastore Sea from Selbina (on the continent of Quon) to Mhaura (on the continent of Mindartia). The ferry runs three times a day. Though these ferry ships once relied on the ever changing winds to power their sails, the three-vessel fleet now moves with the speed of internal combustion engines, thanks to the technology of Bastok.
The Selbina-Mhaura Ferry’s main purpose is to transport goods, but the boats are not exactly equipped for moving passengers. However, the ferry features a small shop to provide the bare bones essentials for those who are making the journey.

These skyfaring vessels were built under the direction of Cid, the genius engineer. Based on an old set of blueprints, the airships of today are fitted with crystal-powered engines that were reintroduced by the Archduke of Jeuno. With lift provided by unique revolving wings and propulsion supplied by the crystal engine, airships are capable of nearly vertical takeoffs and landings from their waterfront ports.

Towards the end of the Great War, in the year 864 of the Crystal Era, the first airship was constructed as a secret weapon of the allied forces. After several successful test flights, the airship was expected to play a major role in the final battle. However, due to the sudden conclusion of the war, it was never used in actual combat.
After the war, there was a drive towards the strengthening of relations between the four countries. Under the auspices of the Archduke of Jeuno, the air travel agency was founded in 873 CE to provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. The refitting of Port Bastok began at the same time that plans were revealed to build larger airships.

A regular airship route between Jeuno and Bastok was established in 875 CE. Upon witnessing the successful operation of the Bastokan airship service, the previously skeptical nations of San d’oria and Windurst raced to refit their own ports for airship use. These developments led to the birth of a new large-scale, high-speed transportation service for each country.

As well as triggering a revolution in the distribution of goods, the appearance of the airship is seen as an indirect cause for the emergence of modern adventurers, who do not choose their friends on the basis of nationality.

The reopened route to Kazham has recently seen an explosive increase in the number of passengers.