The Battle System in Final Fantasy XII is said to be a somewhat like hybrid of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI; albeit with a much more ‘real time’ basis. It seems that it will be possible for enemies to join a fight mid-battle. It is also the case that no longer will there be random battles, rather visible enemies who will attack you when they see you. This is the main deviation from the roots of Final Fantasy. Whether or not this approach will be successful or not is yet to be seen, though it is certainly a much more mainstream remedy to an often criticised battle sytem such as in previous games.

It does seem like an interesting concept and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing and reading about it, and of course, playing it. There are obvious reservations about moving away from random battles and having the more normal battle systems; sure the old system was weird and unique, but there’s a lot to be said for weird and unique, particularly with regards to video games.

It better be good, Square-Enix!