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On May the 8th, 2006, Final Fantasy XIII (FF13) was confirmed as a work in progress by Square Enix at its annual Pre-E3 conference. It has been confirmed that there will be at the very least three (3) Final Fantasy XIII titles released, under the main title of Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis (which translates to “The New Tale of the Crystal“). These titles are Final Fantasy XIII – the main game, most resembling previous Final Fantasy titles; Final Fantasy Versus XIII – this is an action game, the release of which could be expected to coincide with that of the ‘main’ Final Fantasy 13, but this is in no way confirmed. Final Fantasy Agito XIII is the mobile phone FF13 game which will boast multiplayer capabilities.

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Firstly, it should be noted that this game has been confirmed to appear for the forthcoming PlayStation 3. This means that rumour of a multi-platform Final Fantasy title (apart from FFXI) is thus far unsubstantiated, though I will cover this in more detail shortly. The team behind FFXIII include Motomu Toriyama as the director, Yoshinori Kitase will be the producer, Tetsuya Nomura shall be the character designer, interestingly Masashi Hamauzu will be working on sound, and Isamu Kamikokuryo will provide art for the game. The story of Final Fantasy XIII appears to revolve around a female lead. Yes, another female lead despite the (in my opinion unfair) criticisms of FFX-2 star Yuna. Not much is yet known about the character, other than that she will weild numerous different weapons (well, a gun and a sword!).

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Another PlayStation 3 title, FFVXIII (even the natural abbreviation is a mouthful! I think we’ll refer to it as Versus from now on…) is said to be in some ways similar to Kingdom Hearts, especially as the developing team are so closely associated with the KH team. Nomura will be directing Versus, as well as designing the characters; the acclaimed Shinji Hashmoto shall produce the game, with Yoko Shimomura working on the soundtrack. Bizarrely, despite also being named “Final Fantasy 13″, the game will have a completely different set of characters from the main FFXIII game, as well as an independent storyline. This renders me senseless as to why the games both come under the FF XIII title. Presumably relationships between the titles will emerge nearer the games release. Even less of the Versus storyline is known than FF XIII, though the system is said to feature heavy action gameplay elements. One can but compare this to Dirge of Cerberus, where FFXIII will be compared to the original FFVII.

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Next, in what could be an endless line of Final Fantasy XIII titles, is Final Fantasy Agito 13. Agito is going to be a mobile phone game. We know next to nothing about Agito, except that it is said to be a prequel, rather than a sequel to the main FFXIII. We can only recommend Square Enix’s little blurb as a piece of helpful insight into the games future:

“FINAL FANTASY Agito XIII arrives as an entirely separate entity for mobile phones, offering players easy on-the-go access to the FINAL FANTASY XIII universe. Utilizing gameplay functions only available through mobile phones, this title provides players with a unique take on a story accessible anywhere their real-life adventures may take them.”

Conclusions H1

It appears Square is ready to cash in on a number of different Final Fantasy XIII games. Square have hinted that they will not be stopping at just these three aforementioned titles, but will add one (or more) further titles in the future.

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