This is a page that has been kept by Final Fantasy Net as an archive. It is to show our ideas about Final Fantasy XII prior to it’s recent confirmation.

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Will there, wont there?

One of the common questions asked by Final Fantasy fans seems somewhat bizarre to me. It’s frequently inquired whether or not there will be a Final Fantasy XIII ( 13 ). Why? Final Fantasy XII is not even out yet, and we’re already speculating about Final Fantasy XIII. Heck, I’m even looking into the prospect of a Final Fantasy XIV, though that is another page at a later date.

I believe though that while this speculation is odd, given the recent changes in the previously linear Final Fantasy series, such as the development of a full sequal (Final Fantasy X-2) and the anticipated host of sequals to Final Fantasy VII, an online MMORPG (Final Fantasy XI), and the apparent change in battle-style of Final Fantasy XII, I can, to a degree, understand where the panic-like state hardcore Final Fantasy fans find themselves in.

There has been, as we all know, a lot of Final Fantasy games. These games used to go up in the series in a pretty straight-forward manner (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.). The aforementioned changes to the structure of the series has meant that us fans are slightly unsure how the future will pan out. We’re assuming that the series will go on beyond the Final Fantasy VII spin-offs and Final Fantasy XII, but how these games will take shape, and indeed what they will be named is the real question.

There has been mention of a PlayStation 3 re-release of Final Fantasy VII, a further sequal in the Final Fantasy X series (FFX-3), and I have even heard rumours of a Final Fantasy VIII-2, though for now I think we can pretty much discredit this.

Based on the history of the Final Fantasy series, I find it hard to believe there will be no Final Fantasy XIII; I think viewing the sales of the series it is still very much in Square’s interests to further the series as long as possible.

Obviously we have no information about the game yet; on that I will keep you posted.

Release Date: 2007?