Without ever knowing what our favourite video game company Square-Enix have up their sleeves, one is loathed to tempt fate by predicting that their will, one day, be a Final Fantasy XIII sitting happily on the store shelves.

With that said, however, it seems highly unlikely that at least some form of Final Fantasy 13 will not take shape. Not purely because of the tendancy to capitalise on a successful franchise such as the Final Fantasy series, but also due to Square’s recent trend of releasing individual game sequels such as Final Fantasy X-2, and their receiving quite a lot of negative attention from the press and Final Fantasy veterans alike.

Now, there has been no real firm confirmation from Square that there will be an FF13, but the rumors about the game have been picking up with increased rapidity lately. Some are suggesting the game will really be a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3. I’m convinced this will not be the case; surely Square would have planned for this with the current releases of Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, etc. rather than planning a further release in the future.

Other people have suggested that the game will be a kind of re-living of all of the older games, taking elements of FF1 through to FF12. I find this improbable as well given my earlier statement that sequels and re-makes are not always the best option, despite perhaps being the easiest.

So to conclude then, what can we expect from Final Fantasy XIII? My guess would be that another brand-new story that perhaps has some relation to older game(s), as with Final Fantasy XII’s relation to Final Fantasy Tactics (and Final Fantasy IX, if you ask me!). Final Fantasy X sold so many copies, Final Fantasy XII is also bound to. These games just do; why try to change a formula that is so well accepted and loved?

My assumption is, therefore, that while Square will continue to profit from their subsequent sequels, they will not risk breaking the generic trend of the series as a whole. Final Fantasy 13 will surely be a game in its own right! We’ll see, shall we?

Preview of Final Fantasy 13, written by Alex Sains.