Final Fantasy XIV / 14 logo

Last year, Final Fantasy Net was the first of the Final Fantasy websites to predict that there would be a Final Fantasy XIII. The confirmation of that game took place just before E3 in 2006, and is set to feature atleast three games within the series. We are now of the opinion it is the right time to open a Final Fantasy XIV (14) page so that there is somewhere on the Internet for the prospect of further Final Fantasy games to be discussed.

But will there actually be a Final Fantasy XIV?

In short, we don’t know. Based on previous experience, it appears likely that there will be a Final Fantasy XIV in the future. We are basing this on the fact that Square Enix are now rapidly profiting from producing vast quantities of Final Fantasy games, and this trend is showing no signs of stopping. Rather, the trend is picking up pace; whereas there was only one sequel to Final Fantasy X, there’s likely to be more than three sequels (and / or prequels) to Final Fantasy XIII.

Only time will tell, however, and will of course be keeping you up-to-date on the latest Final Fantasy 14 news and information.