Character Biography:

Cecil Harvey, Final Fantasy IV
The main character, commander of Baron Kingdom’s fleet of military airships, the Red Wings. At the king’s command, he masters the dark sword, which embodies the power of darkness. He maintains his humanity, however, and as a dark knight will not allow himself to accept Rosa’s affection. But no one could ever understand the pain and suffering masked beneath his helmet.

Our verdict:

Cecil is a generally well rounded character. He tends not to share his thoughts with his fellows. He isn’t particularly moody (Squall), and isn’t particularly outspoken or outgoing(Tidus) which is actually kind of a relief. I guess if you were to compare him with other lead characters, the one he comes closest to is Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. Not a hugely good fighter (physically superior to his colleagues, but that’s not saying a lot) and his magic skills are poor (or null, depending how far in the game you are). Not a inspirational lead character, but he does the job!