There are very few Side Quests in Final Fantasy IV when compared to most other Final Fantasy games. We have outlined the available quests below.

– Creating the Excalibur Sword from the Legend which was found on Mt. Ordeals

– Creating the Adamant Armor, which is acquired from the bizarrely titled Pink Puff’s tail, located in the Moon’s Core, and Adamant in the Underworld.

– Getting the Summons Leviathan and Asura from the Land of the Summoned Monsters.

– Finding the injured Yang in the Sylvan Cave will allow Rydia to summon the Sylph summon. Additionally, striking Yang with his wife’s Frying Pan will earn you the Spoon dagger / knife, which is certainly worth having.

– Obtaining the summons Odin and Bahamut.

– Gaining the item-based summon spells of Imp, Bomb, Cockatrice, and Mage. These can be acheived by killing the aforementioned monsters until the items are randomly dropped.