Each Job has a level different from the one a character possesses.
This represents how much experience the player has accumulated with
this particular Job. When the player obtains a certain amount of
Ability Points (ABP), the level will increase.

When Job Level increases, the player will learn various Abilities.
These Abilities are special techniques unique to the Job. Once the
Ability is learned, it will not be lost during a Job change. By
combining them with Abilities from other Jobs, the player will be able
to create extremely versatile characters. On the Menu and Job
Screens, the Current Job Level/Current ABP Value is displayed on the
right side of the Character Level, and thus, the player will be able
to check how many points are necessary for a level increase. (When
the level increases, the current ABP value will become zero.)

1. Job Command
Displays the characteristic command of the Job that is present from
the beginning.

2. Current Ability
Displays the Ability that the character currently has equipped.

3. Acquired Ability
Displays the Abilities that have been acquired up to the present.

4. Characteristics
Displays the Characteristics of the acquired Abilities.

To display the Ability Screen, after accessing the Menu Screen during
the game by using the TRIANGLE button, move the cursor to Ability and
press the X button. At this point, if the player presses the X
button once on window, a cursor will appear in the window next to it.
Use the cursor to select an Ability, and press the X button to
execute the command. Then, move the cursor to End on the screen and
press the X button to exit the Ability Screen. (The Ability Screen
can also be exited by press the CIRCLE button). The player now only
needs to equip the character with weapons and armor in the Equip
Screen, and everything should be set. If no Abilities have been
obtained, the command will not be available (in this case, the
Ability command will appear in a darkened font on the Menu Screen).

Abilities should not be combined randomly. For example, if the
Berserker Level 1 Ability, “Berserk”, is attached to a White Mage,
the character will go “Berserk” in battle, and come under computer
control, denying the player any use of the White Mage’s Abilities.
Also, attaching a Knight’s Level 4 Ability, “Shield”, to a Magic
Swordsman who already has the innate ability to “Shield” will have no
extra effect since the two abilities are the same. Thus, the player
should try to think of useful combinations to avoid wasting valuable