There are several items that you can pick up along your journey through Final Fantasy V, and here is the definitive list of them.

Name Description Cost
Antidote Cures Poison. 30
Cottage Restores all HP and MP when used at a save point -
DragonFang Mix ingredient. -
DrkMatter Mix ingredient. -
Elixer Restores all HP and MP to one party member. 50,000
Ether Restores 40 MP. 1,500
Eye Drop Cures Blind. 20
FenixDown Cures Wounded. 1,000
Giant Double max HP. -
Hero Raise all statistics. -
Hi Potion Restores 500 HP 360
HolyWater Cures Zombie. 150
LuckMallet Cures Mini. 50
MagicLamp Summons enemies in order of strongest to weakest. -
MaidenKiss Cures Frog. 60
Potion Restores 50 HP. 40
Power Increases Attack power. -
Protect Increases Defence power. -
Soft Cures Stone. 150
Speed Increases Speed of one character. -
Tent Restores some HP and MP. -
Turtlshell Mix ingredient. -