The Jobs a character can equip originates from the essence of past
heroes embedded within fragments of the elemental crystals. By
obtaining and changing Jobs using the method shown below, a character
absorbs the past hero’s powers, and their special abilities. For
instance, characters with the power of the Knight will become expert
Swordsmen, while those with the power of the White Mage will gain the
ability to wield powerful White Magic and those with the power of the
Geomancer will be able to control nature at will.

NOTE: Within the command windows of the Menu Screen, such as the Job
and Ability Windows, the player will be able to shift through the
information displayed on the screen by pressing the L1, L2, R1 or R2

During the game, press the TRIANGLE button to display the Menu Screen.
Next, move the cursor to Job and press the X button to execute the
command. The player must now choose a character whose Job is to be
changed, and then press the X button to display the Job Screen seen
on the upper right of this page. Use the directional button to choose
a Job, and make the final selection by pressing the X button twice.
When pressed twice, the Job selected and its data will be displayed in
the window on the left page. After the Job change is complete, the
screen will change to the Ability Screen seen to the right.

After choosing an Ability and equipping a character with equipment from the Equip Screen, seen on
the lower right of this page return to the Menu Screen by pressing the
CIRCLE button. If the party has not yet acquired any Jobs, the Job
command will be inaccessible. If a party has Jobs available without
any Abilities, the Abilities Screen will not appear after a Job
change. Instead, the Equip Screen would appear. Depending on the
setting made in Config Screen, the Equip Screen will either
automatically equip the strongest equipment for the Job, or remove
every item that the character had equipped.