Listed here are samples of some of the effects caused by various magic
spells and songs in the game. Other types of magic and songs can be
found. (Sorted by Name, then the Level (LV), and finally its effect)


Cure , LV1
Recover HP. Attack the Undead.
Scan, LV1
Read enemy information.
Antdot, LV1
Cleanse poison from body.
Mute, LV2
Nullify Spells.
Protes, LV2
Increase defense.
Mini, LV2
Shrink and brings back to normal.
Cure2, LV3
Recover HP, stronger version of Cure.
Raise, LV3
Recover Knockout. HP recovers a little.
Muddle, LV3
Affect brain and causes Confusion.


Speed, LV1
Reduce battle speed.
Slow, LV1
Slow down time lapse around enemies.
Regen, LV1
Recover HP at a designated time.
Mute, LV2
Disable spells and songs.
Haste, LV2
Speed up time lapse around allies.
Float, LV2
Prevent damage received from the ground.
Demi, LV3
Reduce HP to half with Gravity Bomb.
Stop, LV3
Stop time around enemies for a limited time.
Telepo, LV3
Escape from dungeons and battle.


L5 Doom
Cast “Death” on enemies with levels that are multiples of 5
Song Turns enemies into Toads.
Blinds enemies with powerful Light.
Pep Up
Sacrifice a character in order to recover party.
Red Feast
Drains enemies’ HP.
Explodes oneself to damage enemies.
Damage enemies who are weak against the power of Wind.
Gob Punch
Attack with a powerful invisible Punch.
Recover all members with the amount of the character’s HP.
Become dead after 30 counts.


Fire, LV1
Attack with Flames (small damage).
Ice, LV1
Attack with Ice (small damage).
Bolt, LV1
Attack with Lightning (small damage).
Poison, LV2
Slowly drain HP with the power of Poison.
Sleep, LV2
Put enemies to Sleep.
Toad, LV2
Turns enemies into Frogs; Turns them back.
Fire2, LV3
Attack with Flames (medium damage).
Ice2, LV3
Attack with Ice (medium damage).
Bolt2, LV3
Attack with Lightning (medium damage).


Chocobo, LV1
Summon Chocobo to kick enemies.
Sylph, LV1
Attack using Wind and party’s HP gets recovered.
Remora, LV1
Cling onto enemies and stops movement.
Shiva, LV2
Summon Blizzard and freezes enemies.
Ramuh, LV2
Strike enemies with powerful Lightning.
Ifrit, LV2
Burn enemies with Flames from hell.
Titan, LV3
Attack all enemies by causing an Earthquake.


Power Song
Increase “Power” of all allies.
Speed Song
Increase “Speed” of all allies.
Str. Song
Increase “Strength” of all allies.
MP Song
Increase “MP” of all allies.
Lvl Song
Increase “Level” of all allies.
Give damage to “Undead” types.
Love Song
Stop all enemy movement.
Confuse all enemies.