Here you’ll find the list of Items from Final Fantasy VI, along with a description and the cost of the item.

Name Description Cost
Antidote Cures Poison. 50
Dried Meat Restores 150 HP 150
Echo Screen Cures mute 120
Elixer Restores all HP and MP -
Ether Restores 150 MP -
Eye Drop Cures Dark 50
Pheonix Down Revives KO’ed party member 500
Green Cherry Cures Imp 150
Megalixer Fully restores parties HP and MP -
Potion Restores 250 HP 300
Remedy Cures abnormal status 1000
Revivify Cures Zombie 300
Sleeping Bag Fully restores the HP and MP of one person 500
Soft Cures Petrify 200
Tent Fully restores parties HP and MP 1,200
Tincture Restores 50 MP 1,500
Tonic Restores 50 MP 50
X-Ether Fully restores MP 150
X-Potion Fully restores HP -
Magicite Summons an Esper -
Rename card Changes a characters name -
Smoke Bomb Escape from battle 300
Super Ball Causes damage 10,000
Warp Stone Escape from both battles and dungeons 700