Job: Beast
Age: 45
Weapon: Head-dress
Height: 120cm
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon

Just as his name implies, he is an animal with fire-red fur. But under his fierce exterior is an intelligence surpassing that of any human. His sharp claws and fangs make him good at close range fighting, but other than that, not much is known about him. It’s not even certain that Red XIII is his real name. A real enigma.

Our verdict:

Red XIII (aka Nanaki) is another unique character from Final Fantasy VII. Unlike most of the characters featured in the Final Fantasy series, Red XIII is not human (or human-like), and is infact a wolf-like beast. His personality is similar to that of Barrett in that on the outside he appears tough, but he is in fact a very gentle and intelligent creature. Not the most layered of characters, but us here at FFnet are big Nanaki supporters!