Will there be a remake of Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation 3? This article will aim to discuss the likelihood of the aforementioned question.

Is there a possibility of FF7 on the PS3?

Of course! It would be foolish to think that there was no possibility of a game which is one of the most successful titles of all time. This is particularly true in light of the recent announcement by Square Enix that they will continue with their current trend to re-release the older, less graphically advanced games on to more capable consoles. With Final Fantasy 1 and 2 being re-released on the PSP having already been ported to the original PlayStation 1, it seems entirely possible that the best selling game of the series will get a second chance to shine. Whether that time is coming soon, or reserved for a later console is unknown. However, the PlayStation 3 has hardly had a very successful beginning to its life; way behind the rivals from Microsoft and Nintendo, for the first time. Lack of success will make Sony want to get the best games back, which will make people buy their products. Final Fantasy VII was one of the best-selling PlayStation games of all time; chances are they might want to reproduce it to make life easier for them.

Should there be a PlayStation 3 remake of FF7?!

Arguably not. A lot of people would say that the games remains a fine standard in video game history, and needs little improvement. Frankly, the releases of Advent Children (on DVD) and Dirge of Cerberus were greeted by mixed reactions. Yes, they were pretty beautiful to look at, but various commentators suggested that the movie and game both lacked the depth one would expect as the sequel to the best game ever (excuse the lack of journalistic objectivity on this occasion, please!). On the other hand, the bulk of the re-releases to date have been of a satisfactory standard, and have allowed younger gamers the chance to enjoy some of the cream of the crop from yester-year.

I think it is pretentious to talk about the ethics of whether or not there should be a FF7 remake. That is unrealistic. To back-up this assertion, I will say this: Square only re-produce video games because there is demand for them. If people didn’t buy them, Square-Enix would say good-bye to that series. Also, most of the people pleading against a re-release have a shallow arguement. Certainly it may not better or even equal the original, but if that is the case, they can read reviews, and decide not to buy it. I might not buy it. I love FF7 very much; I am not sure I want a distorted image of it, even if it is aesthetically amazing. That is the individuals decision, there is no need to spoil the fun for others.

To conclude…

From my experience with Square Enix, I would say that there will be a Final Fantasy VII remake. I just do not know when that will be. I would not be surprised if they were secretly making it now, ready for the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy. If that time comes, you will be free to say “thanks, but no thanks” and that’s just fine. I may just join you.