Here you’ll find each characters Ultimate Weapon, along with tips on how to gain them.

Cloud: Ultima Weapon
Found after killing Ultimate Weapon when he flies around and stops near Cosmo Canyon.

Barret: Missing Score
Found before fighting Hojo on Mako Cannon. Note: Barret must be in your party for it to appear.

Aeris: Princess Guard
Found behind door four in the clock room at the Temple of the Ancients.

Tifa: Premium Heart
Use the key to reach sector 5. Go to Wall Market and use the broken item machine.

Yuffie: Conformer
Found in the downed Shinra Plane in the ocean.

Red XIII: Limited Moon
Take Bugenhagen to the ancient city, then return to Cosmo Canyon on Disc 3 with Red XIII in your party. He will receive the weapon from Bugenhagen.

Cid: Venus Gospel
After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the man outside the item shop several times.

Cait Sith: HP Shout
When in Midgar for the second time, go to the Shinra Tower. Go to floor 64 and enter the locker room. Search one of the lockers in the third row on the left side.

Vincent: Death Penalty
After you get the Gold Chocobo or the submarine, head to Lucrecia’s Cave on the second continent hidden behind the waterfall. Be sure to visit the cave once on disc 2, then visit it again when you are on Disc 3.