A spunky young woman with a carefree spirit. She seems out of place in a military academy because of her innocent appearance and light-hearted personality. Her happy-go-lucky disposition and laid-back attitude tend to catch others off guard.

Our verdict:

Urgh. I just think that Selphie is the worst and most annoying character in the game. She is cheerful but in the most annoying way. She has a train fetish. She has no purpose in the story. She is your worst fighter too. Her attacks are pitiful. Her defense isn’t too good either. She has the worst Limit Break: “Slot” where random spells are chosen to be cast a random amount of times (normally not above 5). I just think that it’s horrible. To be fair she does make a good healer. But once you learn Recover from a GF, anyone will make a perfect healer.