The taciturn and reluctant hero. A cadet in SeeD, the special combat unit of the Balamb Garden Military Academy. His aloof and anti-social behavior makes him appear selfish and lacking a sense of team unity. Squall dislikes having others involved in his affairs, and is best described as a lone wolf.

Our verdict:

Well, this is the main character. He’s the character that you have to be with throughout the whole game. How depressing. His personality is very boring, and in the middle of the game he seems to spontaneously fall in love with someone for just about no reason at all. I won’t tell you this spoiler even though it should be obvious, but at least that’s all that’s bad about him. In battle, he will be the best in your party, if you get used to pressing R1 at the right time when he attacks. Don’t worry, it’s easy. I have to mention Squall’s Limit Breaks. They are the most powerful. Lionheart is godly!