Here you’ll find a complete listing of Final Fantasy VIII’s Summons, or Guardian Forces. Keep your eyes peeled for “Useful hints” given along the way!

Quezacotl H1

Powers: Thunder
Attacks: Thunder Storm
Location: Examine Squall’s desk panel in the back of the classroom at the start of the game.

Shiva H1

Powers: Ice
Attacks: Diamond Dust
Location: Examine Squall’s desk panel in the back of the classroom at the start of the game.

Ifrit H1

Powers: Fire
Attacks: Hell Fire
Location: Defeat him in the Fire Cavern in the beginning of the game.

Siren H1

Powers: Silence
Attacks: Silent Voice
Location: Draw her from Elvoret when you go on the SeeD examination.

Brothers H1

Powers: Earth
Attacks: Brotherly Love
Location: Solve the puzzle in the Tomb of the Unkown King.

Diablos H1

Powers: Non-elemental
Attacks: Dark Messenger
Location: Gain the Magical Lamp from Headmaster Cid. Use the Magical Lamp (it’s recommended you save your progress first), then if you beat Diablos, he’ll join your party.

Carbuncle H1

Powers: Reflect
Attacks: Ruby Light
Location: Drawn it from one of the Iguions you fight when you go save Rinoa during the parade.

Leviathan H1

Powers: Water
Attacks: Tsunami
Location: Drawn from NORG when you get back to Balamb Garden during Disc 2.

Pandemona H1

Powers: Wind
Attacks: Tornado Zone
Location: Drawn from Fujin when you get to the hotel.

Cerberus H1

Powers: Double & Triple
Attacks: Counter Rockets
Location: Cerberus is in the center of Galbadia Garden’s main hall. Beat him.
Useful hint: Try using a few healing spells on Cerberus…

Alexander H1

Powers: Holy
Attacks: Holy Judgment
Location: Drawn from Edea during the battle at Galbadia Garden at the end of Disc 2.

Doomtrain H1

Powers: Status Ailments
Attacks: Runaway Train
Location: Tears’ Point

Bahamut H1

Powers: Non-elemental
Attacks: Mega Flare
Location: Found in the Deep Sea Research Center. He asks you a couple of questions. After each question you’ll have to fight a Ruby Dragon. Depending on your answer (being correct or not), you’ll have to fight monsters before gaining him.
Useful hint: Use these answers “It is not our will to fight”, “Never”, and then the invisible option below the second answer.

Cactuar H1

Powers: Non-elemental
Attacks: 1,000 Needles
Location: Go to the small island that has a Cactuar on it. Walk up to it and defeat him.

Tonberry H1

Powers: Non-elemental
Attacks: Chef’s Knife
Location: Found within the Centra Ruins. Defeat about 20 Tonberries to get to the Tonberry King.

Eden H1

Powers: Non-elemental
Attacks: Eternal Breath
Location: In the Deep Sea Research Center, after you beat Bahamut. Work your way down the ruins and solve the puzzles along the way until you get to Ultima Weapon. Draw Eden from Ultima Weapon.