When a character is in a critical situation, a |- may appear next to
the Attack command of a character, signifying the availability of a
Limit Break. Limit Breaks are powerful techniques unique to each
character. When the player holds down the directional button to the
right and then presses the X button while |- is showing, the Limit
Break will be activated.

Squall H1


Press the R1 button in sync with the mark that appears on the gauge.
if the timing is correct, damage will double. A finishing move may
also be activated at random.

Seifer H1

Fire Cross

Selecting Fire Cross will automatically activate “No Mercy”, an
attack that strikes all enemies in range.

Zell H1


Once this Limit Break is triggered, continue pressing the button
entries listed on the screen until the time limit displayed reaches
0. Each successful entry will unleash a damaging combo attack.

Quistis H1

Blue Magic

A list of acquired Blue Magic will be displayed when this limit Break
is activated. Select the technique to be used and press the X
button to trigger its effects.

Selphie H1


Once this limit Break is triggered, it will randomly determine what
type of magic will be activated, and how many times. After the
random selection is complete, the player can select Cast to
activate the selected magic or Do Over to go through the random
selection process again.

Irvine H1


When this Limit Break is triggered, an option to select the types of
ammunition will appear. After the selection is complete, the ATB
Gauge will begin to run backwards. At this point, the player will be
able to shoot bullets by pressing the R1 button until the gauge
decreases to 0.

Rinoa H1


Rinoa’s Limit Breaks involve attacks with her dog, Angelo. After
selecting Combine, depending on the situation and learned
techniques, one attack will automatically be activated.