Pretty early on in your Triple Triad ‘career’, you’ll realise that some cards are better than others. Much better. Here are the locations of the rarer cards in the game. (Click here to see what these cards will mod into).

The Locations:

Debuchocobo: The man sitting on the bench in front of the Balamb Garden libary.
Angelo: From Watts on the Forest Owls train.
Gilgamesh: From the Card Club’s King.
MiniMog: From the boy in a blue shirt about Balamb. Garden’s hall.
Quezacotl: Fisherman Horizon’s male station master.
Shiva: Obtained from Zoon after giving him the Tonari no Kanojo.
Ifrit: After defeating him.
Siren: Second floor of Dollet’s pub. Walk east to battle the card master.
Minotaur: After defeating the Guardian Force, Brothers.
Pandemonium: From the man standing in front of Balamb hotel.
Alexander: From Piet at Luna Base
Ward: From Doctor Odain in Esthar.
Kiros: From the man in black gear in Derring city.
Laguna: From Elone in the Lunaside Base.
Selphie: From Selphie’s friend in Travia garden.
Quistis: In Balamb garden.
Irvine: From the female station master of F.H.
Zell: From Zell’s mother in Balamb.
Rinoa: From Rinoa’s father in Derring City. You have to lose the Ifrit card to him.
Back to Ifrit After you lose him to Rinoa’s Father you will get him from Dodona in F.H.
Edea: From Edea.
Seifer: From Cid at Edea’s house.
Squall: From Laguna in the Esthar Presidential building.