Here is a complete list of all the abilities (not magic) available in Final Fantasy IX, sorted alphabetically.

Support Abilities
Ability Name Description
Ability Up Characters learn abilities faster.
Absorb MP Absorbs MP used by enemy.
Accuracy+ Raises physical attack accuracy.
Add Status Adds weapon’s status effect when you attack.
Alert Prevents back attacks.
Antibody Prevents poison and venom status effects.
Auto-Float Automatically casts Float in battle.
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle.
Auto-Life Automatically casts Life once per battle.
Auto-Potion Automatically uses any Potion when damaged.
Auto-Reflect Automatically casts Reflect in battle.
Auto-Regen Automatically casts Regen in battle.
Bandit Raises success rate of Steal.
Beast Killer Deals lethal damage to beasts.
Bird Killer Deals leathal damage to flying enemies.
Boast Raises strength of Eidolons.
Body Temp Prevents freeze and heat status effects.
Bright Eyes Prevents darkness status effect.
Bug Killer Deals lethal damage to insects.
Chemist Doubles the effect of medicinal items.
Clear Headed Prevents confusion status effect.
Concentrate Raises the strength of spells.
Counter Counterattacks when physically attacked.
Cover You take damage in place of an ally.
Devil Killer Deals lethal damage to demons.
Distract Lowers enemy’s physical attack accuracy.
Dragon Killer Deals lethal damage to dragons.
Eye 4 Eye Raises Counter activation rate.
Flee-Gil Receive Gil when running from battle.
Gamble Defense Raises Defense occasionally.
Guardian Mog Mog protects with unseen forces.
Half MP Cuts MP use by half in battle.
Healer Restores physical attack target’s HP.
High Jump Jump higher to raise jump attack power.
High Tide Allows you to trance faster.
HP +10% Increases maximum HP by 10%.
HP +20% Increases maximum HP by 20%.
Initiative Raises chance of a preemptive strike.
Insomniac Prevents sleep status effect.
Jelly Prevents petrify and gradual petrify status effects.
Level Up Characters gain levels faster.
Locomotion Prevents stop status effect.
Long Reach Back row attacks with same power as front row.
Loudmouth Prevents silence status effect.
Mag Elem Null Nullifies magic element.
Man Eater Deals lethal damage to humans.
Master Thief Steal better items first.
Millionaire Receive more Gil after battle.
MP +10% Increases maximum MP by 10%.
MP +20% Increases maximum MP by 20%.
MP Attack Character uses MP to raise attack power.
Mug Damages enemy when you steal.
Odin’s Sword Attacks with eidolon Odin.
Power Throw Raises the strength of throw.
Power Up Raises the strength of Chakra.
Protect Girls Take damage in place of a girl.
Reflect-Null Nullifies enemy’s Reflected status when using magic.
Reflectx2 Doubles strength of Reflected spells.
Restore HP Restores HP automatically when near death.
Return Magic Returns magic used by enemy.
Steal Gil Steal Gil along with items.
Stone Killer Deals lethal damage to stone enemies.
Undead Killer Deals lethal damage to undead enemies.