Here is a complete list of all the abilities and magic Garnet can learn, and what
items she learns them from. Sorted alphabetically.

Eidolon’s Name Effect
Ark Causes shadow damage to all enemies.
Atomos Reduces all enemies’ HP by a percentage.
Bahamut Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Ifrit Causes fire damage to all enemies.
Leviathan Causes water damage to all enemies.
Odin Causes KO to all enemies.
Ramuh Causes thunder damage to all enemies.
Shiva Causes ice damage to all enemies.
White Magic
Spell Name Effect
Berserk Raises attack strength, target attacks uncontrollably.
Blind Causes darkness, lowering physical attack accuracy.
Confuse Makes target(s) erratic.
Cura Restores 1,500+ HP to target(s).
Curaga Restores 4,000+ HP to target(s).
Cure Restores 300+ HP to target(s).
Float Prevents earth damage.
Life Recovers character from KO, restores some HP.
Mini Shrinks enemy, lowers attack and defense.
Panancea Cures venom and poison status.
Protect Reduces damage from physical attacks.
Reflect Reflects magic attacks back onto caster.
Scan Determines HP, MP, and weaknesses of enemy.
Shell Reduces damage from magic attacks.
Silence Prevents target(s) from casting magic.
Stona Cures petrify and gradual petrify status.

Summons From Items
Eidolon’s Name Item(s)
Ark Pumice
Atomos Amethyst
Bahamut Garnet
Ifrit Topaz
Leviathan Aquamarine
Odin Dark Matter
Ramuh Peridot
Shiva Opal
White Magic From Items
Spell Name Item(s)
Berserk Magic Racket
Blind Multina Racket, Magician Shoes
Confuse Asura’s Rod, Lamia’s Tiara
Cura Healing Rod, Barette
Curaga Wizard Rod, Whale Whisker
Cure Magic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt
Float Stardust Rod, Feather Boots
Life Mythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker, Rebirth Ring, Cachusha
Mini Magic Racket, Asura’s Rod, Feather Boots
Panancea Air Racket, Rod
Protect Mythril Racket, Rod, Wizard Rod, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots
Reflect Mythril Racket, Stardust Rod, Reflect Ring, Ruby
Scan Air Racket, Desert Boots
Shell Multina Racket, Mythril Racket, Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod, Cotton Robe,
Gold Choker, Moonstone
Silence Priest’s Racket, Mythril Rod, Asura’s Rod, Magic Armlet
Stona Multina Racket
Abilities From Items
Ability Name Item(s)
Ability Up Stardust Rod, Green Beret, Silk Robe, Cachusha, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli
Antibody Glass Armlet, Glass Buckle, Montra Band, Survival Vest
Auto-Float Feather Boots
Auto-Haste Running Shoes
Auto-Life Rebirth Ring
Auto-Potion Demon’s Vest, Extension, Gold Choker, Magician’s Robe, Mythril Vest,
Running Shoes, White Robe
Auto-Reflect Reflect Ring
Auto-Regen Golden Hairpin, Light Robe, Angel Earrings, Maiden Prayer
Body Temp Jade Armlet, Holy Miter, Madain’s Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond
Boost Pumice Piece
Chemist Cotton Robe, Maiden’s Ring, Barette
Clear Headed Circlet, Dark Gear, Green Beret, Lamia’s Tiara, Magic Armlet, Magician
Concentrate Robe of Lords, Rosetta Ring
Half MP Light Robe, Protect Ring
Healer Healing Rod, Anklet, Garnet
High Tide Jade Armlet, Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Minerva’s Plate, Sapphire
Insomniac Bandana, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak, Gaia Gear, Coral Ring
Jelly Bronze Vest, Circlet, Dark Gear, Dragon Wrist
Level Up Egoist’s Amulet, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings, Pearl Rouge, Extension
Locomotion Anklet, Black Hood, Demon’s Vest, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest
Loudmouth Golden Hairpin, Mage’s Hat, Pearl Rouge, Silk Robe, White Robe
MP +20% Angel Earrings
Odin’s Sword Ancient Aroma
Reflect-Null Robe of Lords, Pearl Rouge