Quina Quen is a proud member of the Qu Clan – a group of seemingly hungry beings living in the various Qu Marshes around the world. Quina joins the party in order to sample the worlds finest foods; eating is his/her main focus in life.

Our Verdict:
When writing down my drafts of character bios for Final Fantasy IX, I decided that the character I felt was strongest was in fact the character that seems to be one of the least liked characters within the Final Fantasy community, Quina. The reason why Quina is so good is that s/he is so unique. It’s pretty unique that s/he has to be described in that way – Quina has no known gender!

Moreover, Quina is hugely important in battle; the Blue Magic can become very powerful, with Frog Drop and LV5 Death being of paramount importance to the hardcore Final Fantasy IX gamer. There was no question that in my party the first time I played the game, Quina was in a class of his / her own in battle.

Overall, I found this character to be at times laugh-out-loud funny, very endearing, highly important in battle and, most importantly for a Final Fantasy character – weird!