Zidane Tribal is a carefree young man whose prime concern in life is just that – life – and living it to the maximum. A thief in the group Tantalus by ‘profession’, Zidane seems a strange choice as the lead role in the mission to save the Queen, and ultimately the world in general.

Our Verdict:
Zidane just about pulls off the lead role. He’s not got the charisma of some of the series’ previous stars, that’s for sure, but he certainly does have something about him. He’s completely likeable – kind and vibrant without the sickly ‘goody goody’ feel of some characters – and bares more than a few similarities to VII’s Cloud, though he is perhaps a less rounded character.

Clearly he could not be a lead character in a Final Fantasy game without have a bit of a torrid past. One feels however, that he’s amnesia-esque state of mind is more of an after thought to try and provoke a greater sense of storyline into the game, with very little need, and even less success. Basically, Zidane is a much more likeable and enjoyable character than, let’s say, Squall Leonhart, but is he as depthy? Can you relate to this character? Is he your favourite Final Fantasy character? No, you say? Right – we concur, dear reader, we concur…