One of the more bizarre aspects of the game is the Frog Catching. While on the surface there may seem very little point in it, it can actually be a source of some good items and new weapons for Quina, plus the number of frogs Quina eats will power up the “Frog Drop” spell, which can be extremely effective, as it uses very little MP while being very powerful.

Here are the rewards:

2 Frogs: Ore Stone
5 Frogs: Ether
9 Frogs: Silk Robe
15 Frogs: Elixir
23 Frogs: Silver Fork
33 Frogs: Bistro Fork
99 Frogs: Quina’s Master appears and fights you – just use standard attack/heal techniques and be around level 40. You’ll get the Gourmet Fork for winning.