Review by: Buddha
I bought FFIX a while ago and beat it in a week and two days. I feel that not enough people know about this game. I can’t say that it’s underrated because it actually gets great reviews, but it is underpopular if that’s a real word .You’re all caught up with the other two Playstation Final Fantasies, so allow me to tell you more about this game from my perspective.
When it was released, it rode on the huge success of the three previous Final Fantasies. Many were interested. Some were disappointed. They were expecting something new and revolutionary. Well, they didn’t get it. Instead the got a mixture of the best elements from previous classic Final Fantasies: 4 character battles; learning abilities from weapons, armor, etc; set character abilities (not like in 7 and 8 when everyone could do anything or in VI where anyone could cast any spell); and the return of …OMG, THE CRYSTAL!!!

You take control of Zidane, my favorite lead character of any Final Fantasy. He’s not the typical boring “badass” (Cloud, Squall, Cecil), nor is he as flamboyant as Tidus. He is a ladies’ man. Quite the pimp, he is. What makes him even cooler is the fact that he’s a thief. Everybody loves a thief! The female lead is Princess Garnet a.k.a. Dagger, my favorite female lead besides Rinoa. The game describes her as naïve. She’s is the princess of a kingdom called Alexandria. She is a summoner/white mage (more of a summoner than a white mage). Her mother, “Queen Brahnne” has been acting strangely lately, so Garnet leaves to find out what’s going on. Steiner, leader of the “Pluto Knights” is out only to protect Garnet and return her to the kingdom, but once he finds out Queen Brahnne’s true intentions, his plan changes. Vivi, the black mage, is a little boy who knows little about his past. Throughout the journey, he finds out more about his past. When he finally knows the truth, he struggles with knowing the reason for his existence. Eiko is a little 6 year old white mage/summoner combo (more of a white mage than a summoner.) It’s when you meet her that you find out a lot of interesting stuff about Garnet. Freya, the dragoon; Quina, the oh-so-annoying blue mage; and Amarant, the “badass” monk/ninja are the others who will join your party. I personally hate Freya and Quina. Steiner was annoying for the first parts of the game.
Kuja is my favorite villain behind Sephiroth. He was so smart and manipulative. He even speaks in poetry sort of. I don’t care about his choice in fashion; Kuja was cool It’s an overall great cast that deserves a…

Character customization
I’ll start with character customization. Weapons, armor, etc. have skills on them. When the equipment is equipped, you are able to use the skill. Keep the equipment on for enough battles to gain AP and you’ll master the skill, meaning that you don’t need to equip that piece of equipment to use the skill that that equipment had, so you could move on to the next piece of equipment. You have action skills that you’ll be able to choose in battle like steal, cure, and all that jazz. Then you can also learn auto abilities such as Loudmouth which prevents silence, Strength +10%, Master Thief which allows Zidane to steal rarer items, and many, many others. Of course that doesn’t mean once you learn an auto-ability, you fight with it for the rest of the game. Each character has magic stones (magic stones are never explained in the game). As you level up you gradually get more magic stones. Each auto-ability requires a certain amount of magic stones. You will never get a whole lot of magic stones. This limits the amount of auto-abilities each character can have. It’s quite simple yet perfectly balanced.

Battle System
You have 4 people in your battle party again. To tell you the truth, it feels no different than having 3. The Trance system is like the Limits in 7&8, but I hate it. It takes way, way, way too long to fill it for one character. Once it’s filled, your character automatically goes into trance mode. Zidane gains a skill called Dyne, Garnet’s Eidolons automatically attack at random moments once you summon the. Steiner gets 3 times as powerful. Vivi can cast 2 black magic spells in a row. Eiko can cast 2 white magic spells in a row. Amarant’s abilities hit the entire enemy party or your party depending on what ability it is. Quina can learn blue magic easier. Freya can throw spears at he opponents. IT ALL SUCKS!!! In 7, 8, and 10, you are able to hold your limits and use them whenever you want. Not in 9. I often got trances during random weak battles instead of boss fights. Once you get a trance, the trance gauge empties, and it takes a LONG time to fill. Oh and you fill it by taking damage like in 7. The whole battle system is standard. It takes strategy to balance your party and choose auto-abilities. I won’t let the stupid Trance system ruin this grade completely because it’s not too important.


Nobuo is a master. Not as good as FF 8 or 10, but it’s still great

It beats 7 and 8. I just thought that it was great. I don’t feel like going into detail, but It is good

I highly recommend this game to turn-based RPG players. I enjoyed it very much. It’s my second or third favorite RPG. I can’t decide whether it’s better than FFX-2.

Overall, it gets a 9/10 from me.