Here you will find a list of both Positive (beneficial) Status Effects and Negative (harmful) Status Effects that may be incurred during your journey through Final Fantasy IX.

Status effects occur when a character’s status is changed by a spell, item or attack. Certain status effects are beneficial, while others are harmful. When you use items or spells that cencel (or invoke) status effects, you can view your party members’ status effects in the Status Window. Some status effects will expire after a short while, others will be cancelled at the end of a battle, and some will continue to affect the character even after battle. Learn which status effects damage your characters and treat them accordingly with spells or items.

Positive Status Effects
Name Effect Cancellation Method

Auto-life Target recovers from KO. Dispel, Target recovers from KO
Regen Target’s HP gradually recover. Dispel, effect expires
Haste Target’s ATB gauge fills faster. Dispel, effect expires
Float Target floats in the air and is immune to Earth-based spells. Dispel, effect expires
Shell Reduce’s target’s damage from magic attacks. Dispel, effect expires
Protect Reduce’s target’s damage from physical attacks. Dispel, effect expires
Vanish Target disappears from view and avoids physical attacks. Dispel, Magic attack, effect expires
Reflect Target reflects most magic spells cast on him/her. Dispel, effect expires
Negative Status Effects
Name Effect Cancellation Method
Confuse Target cannot be controlled and randomly attacks enemies or allies. Esuna, physical attack
Berserk Target’s attack power increases, but they cannot be controlled and attack enemies continuously. Gysahl Greens
Stop Target stops and cannot be controlled. Dispel, Remedy
Poison Target’s HP gradually decreases. Esuna, Panacea, Antidote, Remedy, effect expires
Sleep Target falls asleep and cannot be controlled. Esuna, physical attack, effect expires
Slow Target’s ATB gauge fills more slowly. Dispel, effect expires
Heat Target is KO’d if an action is taken. Esuna, effect expires
Freeze Target freezes and cannot be controlled; KO occurs if attacked physically. Esuna, effect expires
Mini Target shrinks; Magic and physical Attack/Defense decreases. Mini, Esuna, Remedy
Death Sentence Target is KO’d when counter reaches zero. Battle ends before counter reaches zero
Gradual Petrify Target becomes Petrified when counter reaches zero. Stona, Esuna, Battle ends before counter reaches zero
Petrify Target turns to stone and cannot be controlled. Stona, Remedy, Soft
Venom Target is inflicted with poison and cannot be controlled; HP and MP gradually decrease. Remedy
Virus Target cannot receive EXP or AP. Vaccine
Silence Target cannot use magic. Esuna, Echo Screen, Remedy
Darkness Target’s physical attack accuracy decreases. Esuna, Eye Drops, Remedy
Trouble All of the target’s allies receive 1/2 the damage the target receives from an enemy attack. Annoyntment
Zombie Reverses effects of recovery items and spells. Magic Tag
KO Target cannot participate in battle until recovered. Life, Auto-life, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion, Phoenix (Eiko)