The dramatic story that seeks the truth: what really occurred on the battlefield of The Lion War? The mystery of two superheroes that brought peace to the land is going to be solved. Final Fantasy Tactics takes a new twist on the traditional RPG, with its strategy-intensive gameplay. You, as the player will seek the truth that lies behind the history of the Ivalice Empire by developing complicated strategies to maneuver and battle against the toughest enemies.

The best feature of this game is the ‘Job System.’ You have the ability to create your own ‘ultimate character’ by combining from over 20 types of ‘Jobs’ and over 400 kinds of ‘Ability’. The battles take place in beautifully laid out 3-D environments where you will control your allies and monsters. It features a “4-D battle” based on a new and thrilling CTB (Charge Time Battle) System, incorporating the aspect of “time” into each battle allowing for plenty of player action.

The Lion War: who held the supremacy of the Ivalice Empire?

It is said that Delita was the war hero, ending the battle to peoples’ satisfaction and eventually becoming the Savior King , maintaining peace for the longest time. However, unveiled in a long-hidden book is the existence of another brave young man. Forgotten by history, Ramza was his name: he was the other war hero that never got the public’s attention.

Surprisingly enough, Ramza and Delita were the best of friends during their years at the military academy. According to the book, Ramza was the true war hero. Who are we to believe?

You will play the role of the ‘forgotten war hero’ Ramza, to seek the truth that lies under the Lion War.