To history the celebrated hero of the Lion War, Delita did not always bear the royal title “Savior King”. Fiercely protective of his sister Teta and close friends with Ramza, he is a headstrong individual who will do what he feels is right regardless of the repercussions. Born commoners, Delita and his sister were taken in by Balbanes when their parents succumbed to the Plague, and they were raised as if they were Beoulves themselves. Seeking to end the Lion War, he achieves peace through murderous, corrupt means, and leaves the war with hands stained in innocent blood.

Delita Hyral

He is the Lion War hero who brought peace to the land of Ivalice, according to the books. The Hyral family served the Beoulve family; thus, he and Ramza are longtime friends. A graduate of the Gariland officer academy.