Final Fantasy X-2 received a fair amount of criticism; not only was it the first true ‘sequal’ in Final Fantasy, but it boasted an all female cast (of playable characters), whose attacks and skills were partially based on what they are wearing. A lot of people seemed to find this too ‘girlie’. This was not my problem. My only slight concern with the Dressphere is that the game seems to associate fashion with power. Anyway, here is the information for the Dresspheres.

Name Chapter
Alchemist May be found in chapters 2, 3 and 5.
Berserker Chapter 3
Black Mage Chapter 1
Dark Knight May be found in chapters 2, 3 and 5.
Floral Fallal Chapter 2
Full Throttle May be found in chapters 1 and 2
Gun Mage May be found in chapters 1 and 2
Gunner Chapter 1
Lady Luck May be found in chapters 3 and 5
Machina Maw Chapter 2
Mascot Chapter 5
Samurai May be found in chapters 3 and 5
Songstress Chapter 1
Thief Chapter 1
Trainer Chapter 3
Warrior Chapter 1
White Mage Chapter 1

Main Dresspheres:

Gunner: (Yuna’s default dressphere)
Use a gun to fire on enemies from afar. Strike your foes repeatedly with the rapid-fire Trigger Happy or attack with the no-wait Gunplay abilities.

Thief: (Rikku’s default dressphere)
Use Flimflam to steal just about anything from your enemies. Although it offers little in the way of Strength or Magic, it’s the fastest of the dresspheres, getting in two hits on an enemy with just one attack.

Warrior: (Paine’s default dressphere)
Use a sword to slash through your foes. This dressphere excels in Strength and Defense, but its Magic and Magic Defense are weak. It allows access to Swordplay abilities such as Armor Break, which lowers an enemy’s Defense.

Use the Dance ability to sustain various effects for the duration of the dance, and Sing to raise the party’s attributes for the remainder of a battle. Sing is especially useful in long battles.

White Mage:
Heal and aid party members with White Magic. HP is low, but Magic Defense is extremely high.

Black Mage:
Attack enemies with Black Magic. You can target all enemies in a battle with Black Magic, but doing so halves the damage inflicted on each one.