To advance in Final Fantasy X-2 you’ll need to find several young Cactuar. Here are the locations, in the order you’ll need to find them in.

1 – Lobivia: In the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert.
2 – Toumeya Toumey: Sunbathing on the beach of Besaid Island beach.
3 – Lobeira: Inside the treasure room where you found the second half of the Crimson Sphere in the Leblanc Syndicate hideout.
4 – Areq and Arroja: On the Calm Lands just before you enter Mt. Gagazet.
5 – Islaya: In the northern part of the Thunder Plains, should be the ninth one.
6 – Ciapa: On the highest point overlooking Kilika Port and Kilika Wood. Look for a place to climb onto a ledge along the eastern path through the woods.
7 – Erio: On the snowy mountain trail of Mt. Gagazet.
8 – Bartschella: With Dona on Kilika island.
9 – Frailea: Inside the Cactuar Hollow.