A very optimistic review of Final Fantasy X-2, written by Fiamme.

As the first sequel in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X-2 is amazing. The game is much more addictive and is much longer than any other previous Final Fantasy game. With The new character designs, new battle system, and incredible mission-based story, Final Fantasy X-2 by far surpasses the original Final Fantasy X.

The age of the summoner is over, allowing Yuna and Rikku to live in style. Yes, new outfits, new personalities! There are even some new characters besides the original seven.

This game also gives a much more exciting feeling than FFX, while the original seemed sort of sad. Final Fantasy X-2 really livens things up.

Paine, just one of Yuna’s new friends, joins Yuna and Rikku for her own reasons. Slowly you unravel Paine’s past and learn her secrets… I think the whole dark and mysterious thing is cool.

I like this game especially because of the endings. Depending on how well you play, you choose the ending! Yuna could just live on with her new life, or if you play good enough, she could be reunited with Tidus and learn how he comes back. The whole multiple endings thing is yet another first timer for Square-Enix.

I also like the percentage system. It gives you a heads up on how far you are on the game and how much you have accomplished. The only bad thing is that it is very hard to get 100%…

This game has many, many more side quests and mini-games than any other Final Fantasy game, and each accomplished side quest adds to the %. This makes FFX-2 much longer and more challenging than most other games. You can do many side quests, from playing “romance finder” for monkeys to playing on a band!

The mini-games are also more fun than most other games. You can’t play blitz-ball (well, you can watch at least) but you can play a new game called Spherebreak. Spherebreak is not like blitz-ball but it is like the card games from FF8 or FF9.

There is a new and improved battle style in this game! It is basically a combination of Final Fantasy VIII (8) and X’s battle styles. The new style allows characters to move around on the battlefield, making it more “up close and personal”.

Another new thing about battles is the dressphere system! Many outfits at your disposal and many more abilities per dress, giving you a huge variety of abilities and moves. Much better than the overdrive system in FFX and FF8!

So overall, I’d give FFX-2 an 9/10, and FFX a 7/10. FFX-2 in my opinion is much better than any other Final Fantasies so far (besides FFXI).

What I like better about FFX:
1. Blitz-ball
2. More characters
3. Overall story

What I like better about FFX-2:
1. Spherebreak
2. Better outfits
3. More abilities and moves
4. Longer, more challenge
5. Ending

BY: Fiamme

Here’s another Final Fantasy X-2 review, this time from a slightly less positive stand-point. Submitted by Richard

Why we should all break our copies of FFX-2

The Final Fantasy games have stood for generations as pinnacles of the RPG market, surpassing even the very highly regarded D&D games Baldur’s Gate. They usually never fail to add laughter, challenges and emotion to a gaming experience.

I would like to say that FFX-2 joins the others to gain this rank. But of course I would also like to say that I earn 10,000k a year, but neither of them are the case. Plain and simple FFX-2 is an atrociously. A blemish on the name Final Fantasy and, until I see otherwise, a painful reminder to me that the good old days are long gone.

It is very difficult for a reviewer to review a very good game. It is even harder to do so for a terrible game. I find it difficult to know where to begin.

Ah ha! Why not with the changes they made to the world we used to love? In FFX the new locations and stunning scenery left little else to be improved upon in the upcoming Final Fantasy’s. Surely FFX-2 must’ve done something to make the best better? Surely? The simple answer is no. No, they didn’t. What new changes they made to the locations were very tired and cliché. So much so that I left me thinking, “What the hell did they add?” I found it hard to keep playing because of the sheer lack of interest.

The Battle system is up next for roasting. Lets begin. While the traditional engine used to program the battles has not been removed, we are still left with something that makes me cry. We have, at best, a copy of Grandia. Done really badly. The ATB system is seriously flawed in its timing and the whole dress sphere system was just “OH MY GOD”. So much so that I think I’ll write an entire paragraph about it.

Dress spheres. Never before has a man ever lowered himself to such a “little girl, Polly pocket, homosexual, pinks and light blues” mindset. I can only hope this is last we see of this. To describe it to you, In short, your clothes give you abilities. It’s like a goddamn fashion parade. I mean it’s such a stupid idea. The fact that they try and make a challenge out of it with “Garment Grids” just adds to the personal insult I take. I mean it’s not just the concept, it’s the designs that they use. The costumes look like Grove Street prostitutes created them, and the comments they make when they switch, ugh, could you get any more Girl power?

As for the things they took out, we can only hope that Square were at gun point when being forced to program this pile of dung. They removed the Sphere grid, the most redeeming feature from FFX, and reverting to the traditional “YOU-LEVEL-UP” level system, completely destroying most of the originality along with the dignity of the game. Then, they removed the Aeons. While it may make sense in terms of the story, it doesn’t make much sense in terms of “what makes a fun game”, and they weren’t done! Then they removed blitzball and replaced it with PREMIER BLITZBALL MANAGER. So far we aren’t doing very well are we?

But don’t worry! They added some new fun games! That’s what I would’ve liked to say, but unfortunately, I have to give you an honest opinion. The new mini games are very poor, ignoring the crude blitzball manager we have now, we are left with Sphere break. Sphere break is like a very bad “edu-tainment” game designed to teach kids about Mathematics. Triple Triad and Tetra Master were genius. Sheer genius. But Sphere break is not genius, not even close.

We could even begin to describe what they did to our characters, so lets do so! We all looked forward to seeing our old favourites in this new game, “Auron will look so cool!” we all cried. But sadly we were not rewarded for our diligent customer service. They took the WORST characters from FFX and completely slutted them up, Yuna and Rikku are both wearing the skimpiest stuff imaginable, and have gained new, more annoying personas. With the addition of the new character Paine, the “Goth” of the team, someone who looks SO lesbian it’s unbelievable, we are left with something that looks like a softcore Charlie’s angels jock fantasy.

My personal pet peeve within the game, besides EVERYTHING above, is Brother. Brother is THE MOST annoying person in the universe. If he’s not trying to get in bed with Yuna, he’s have spasms and speaking in tongues. I mean despite characters like Shinra, Lenne, Shuyin, Nooj, I still hate Brother even more.

As the icing on the bird poop cake, we have the dialogue. It seems like a six-year-old wrote it…. Who had been dropped on his head…a lot. Think about it for a minute, with a poor story line, it would need an extremely redeeming script to save it right? Right. But Square Enix doesn’t think like that. They think that any old crap with a Square logo will sell, and unfortunately for people like me, they were right. The voice talent was even worse this time around (which is saying something) will off timing and over acting aplenty. Think about some of the things we heard Rikku say in FFX. Now think one hundred times worse. We have some brilliant gems like “Disasteriffic” and “How about another pasword?”, what on EARTH were they thinking?

Finally it boils down to this.

Critical score – 12%

Personal score – 0%

Seriously, DON’T BUY THIS GAME. It uses the term “You scored the key item!”. Please, just don’t.

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