Sphere Break is a mini game that involves coins (as opposed to cards) and is very enjoyable. The only real let-down is that there isn’t that many opportunities to play it; such games have been key in previous games, but Sphere Break plays only a very minor role.

The game is by no means easy, you’ll need to use to do well in this game. This means it’s not just a question of finding powerful or rare coins and wiping out the opposition. Maths is involved (yes, you read that correctly!).

The Rules (Put simply):

Basically, what you need to do is combine the numbers on your coins to make multiples of the core number. You will need to use both border and entry coins to do this. This isn’t too hard, as the coins are between 1 and 9 – no huge numbers, thankfully!

The game is turn based, and is limited in time – usually one minute per game, though this varies.