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‘Support your neighborhood farmers’

Promoting local food and merchandise is the main goal for the square.Residents find eat local sudbury there every weekend selling produce and spreading their message.

Advise about getting the word out there about local food and local produce, considered april neault, of eat public sudbury.

Produce seems the largest attraction for shoppers.Most said they came for the fresh fruit and veggies.

Carmen maclean and her three son’s owen, mike and nate bender, come out just about every weekend.Maclean asked her boys what they liked best and they agreed all on fresh food.These were also licking their lips after a treat from”The cupcake gal,

The cupcake female is cindy babcock, who owns the bakery crumbz, which open in september.She already owns company, sinfully scrumptious, which makes a specialty of peanut brittle.

She and susan vaillancourt sat at the table sunday selling a scrumptious looking range of cupcakes.

Peer assist of sudbury inc.Attended market square sunday to promote their organizations for those suffering from mental illness and addiction.Micheal dever, businesses manager, and kim schrader were hoping to get in touch with visitors.

“We want to open the curtain and educate the public on mental health threats and addictions, alleged dever.

Several volunteers on a consistent basis help out at the square, such stephanie rafuse and kayla phair.The two were involved friends ray and pam zemaitaitis, owners and web couturiers of beadie ayes jewellery, when they were away.

They were put near the front door, attracting shoppers with the shiny glass bead work and Pandora Bracelets Canada jewellery while dining.

Another you are not selected, jackie mckerral, helps because she loves in conversation with people and was told she is a good saleswoman, she explained.

The mood was calm sunday as shoppers casually chatted with vendors and made their purchases.Some took their snacks to the steps outside to sit and take in the landscapes.

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