Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 12 / XII

There’s not a huge amount of information on this game yet, but here is a few facts nd figures that will make any fan squirm! Firstly, it appears not only is the new Final Fantasy going to be reverting to the traditional, non-multiplayer game play, but we’re looking at a whole new graphics system using fewer polygons to create smoother textures. However, this isn’t the only treat Square Enix are giving to us, as it appears airships are going to be integral to the game play and that there might be more than one for players to use, thus expanding on FF10 and FF11 many races. Final Fantasy 12 is going to contain a lot more races all with there own languages, whether you have to learn these or not (e.g. Al Bhed) remains to be seen.Final Fantasy 12

Here are two characters from Final Fantasy 12:

Name: Vaan
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Class: Swordsman
Age: 17
Weapon: Sword
Bio: Vaan is a thief from the Dalmaska Kingdom, he looks for liberty in the continent. His dream is to fly in the sky as a sky pirate.


Name: Fran
Gender: Female
Race: Viera
Class: Archer
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Bio: Fran is a woman of the Viera race, she is an experienced weapon user, particularly with fencing, and arrows & bows. She is also a reliable person and has strong fencing and grapple skills.

Maybe, then, we are looking at a world similar to FF9, as Alex mentioned on his article on the Final Fantasy Web site. The game will, as I mentioned before, be full of airships and for those of you who have noticed that Final Fantasy 12 shares the name of there world Ivalice with Final Fantasy Tactics, don’t worry apparently there is little connection other than apparently the scenery will in some way resemble the Gameboy game.

As for other information I have been able to gather; there’s not much except that the scenery will be set in a sort of cross between the Mediterranean and medieval times with a world map much larger than any other Final Fantasy game in the past. This should be a very interesting title for fans and the uninitiated alike and while there is no definite release date, May 2006 seems to be possible date mentioned for some coming out just before the PS3.


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