Final Fantasy 13, and a Final Fantasy Net landmark!

Firstly, I thought I should point out that Final Fantasy XIII is almost ready. Infact, the game could be around eighty percentile complete. Whether or not we will see FF13 as a PlayStation 3 launch title is highly speculative, but atleast it appears that Final Fantasy 13 will not have the same delays we’ve had to endure for Final Fantasy XII.

A Final Fantasy Net Landmark

After starting Final Fantasy Net in February 2005, I decided that I should set myself an ambitious target. That target was to gain a top ten position in Google for the term “Final Fantasy” before 2007. We are now 10th for that term, and have achieved our target with around 6 months spare!

This is fantastic news for FF Net, as we’re the only site of this age to be anywhere near the top 10. Thanks to our readers and affiliates for helping us reach that amazing target!

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