Final Fantasy III DS

Final Fantasy 3 / III DS Final fantasy III is now being updated by Nintendo and is to be released by 2006. All other Final Fantasy titles up to VII will be available on the GBA and the Nintendo DS by 2006, or so Square-Enix intends.

Final fantasy III was originally an RPG with a great story, interesting characters, and great graphics for its time. These graphics are about to be updated for the Nintendo DS and the music that was in it, while being very good is also due a overhaul. The game tends to last at least 40 – 50 hours in terms of gameplay.

Sounds far to good to be true, does it not?!

I played the original and found no faults. After playing it the first time, however, I finally I found that FF3 has 2 main drawbacks; if you haven’t played an RPG before it will be very confusing; the fighting can be repetitive but that is a common Final Fantasy drawback. Any fan will find the story far makes up for this!

The fact that the game took 40 – 50 hours to complete is not because it is so difficult to defeat bosses etc., it’s simply because the game is so big. Also bare in mind that it’s only a very good RPG player that will take 40 – 50 hours to complete!

Another good thing is that the game was packed with secret characters, relics, weapons and items whether this is the case with the new version from Nintendo remains to be seen, but if Final Fantasy III DS is anything like the original this will be a top selling title. You won’t leave this game to collect dust on a shelf somewhere once completed, as FF3 is a game to return to again and again if not to find all the secrets but then to experience the fantastic story of FF3 which almost is the equal if not better of FF7 storyline.

The General Storyline

The evil empire in charge Emperor Gestahl who hears of our main characters gift and captures her and gains complete control over her by putting a slave crown on her head. They then use her powers to gain even more land and is now starting to drain energy for creatures to produce their newly invented Magitech Battlesuits that use some kind of magical imitation. In the beginning she gets attacked by an Esper and Terra gets rid of the curse of the slave crown. She wakes up in an Inn and has completely lost her memory and cannot even remember her own name! The old man explains that she is a soldier of the empire and suddenly some imperial soldiers knock on the door and she escapes out the backdoor in to the mines. Unfortunately, though, some of the guards had seen her when she fled and they run after her. This is just the beginning of truly immersive storyline that people will love for years to come!


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