Final Fantasy IV – GBA

FF4 for the GBANintendo of America has finally announced it will be publishing Final Fantasy 4 for Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Micro this holiday season.

Square-Enix may have shifted its portable gaming focus to the DS, but Game Boy Advance (and Micro) owners have not been deserted.

Final Fantasy 4 was originally released in the US as Final Fantasy 2, this was the first version for Super NES of Square’s greatly popular RPG series.

Final Fantasy 4’s main design included 18 Towns and Castles, lots of spells and hundreds of monsters.
All of this is still present in the game in the move from SNES to GBA, and even more in-game elements, unique to the handheld version have been added into the production of Final Fantasy 4 for Game Boy Advance.

We know that there will definitely be updated visuals and gameplay systems, and there is certain to be more updates we are yet to find out about.
One of the currently known new features is the characters faces appear in the text windows during dialogue.

Final Fantasy 4 may be the first of a number of Final Fantasy revivals. Square-Enix has referred to the port as the first entry in the “Final Fantasy Series Port Project.”.

It is said that Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6 may also be set for revival.


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