Final Fantasy Net – Here to stay!

Final Fantasy Net - RenewedYesterday, the 26th of August 2005 was FFNet’s half-birthday! We turned a jolly 6 months old, which, by anyones standards, is very young. Now, while it doesn’t seem like much, it’s a bit of a landmark for us. We are growing stronger and stronger with each day, and we are now getting in excess of 700 visitors everyday, which for a site of Final Fantasy Net’s age we’re very pleased with!

The reason I am posting this, as well as to tell you our Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children being updated, is to inform you all that we’re here to stay. We renewed our domain name for a further 5 years, so we’re going to be here until February 2011 at the very earliest!

Anyway, the site is going very well, and you can expect much more content soon. We thank you for visiting us, but please be sure to join our (at the moment quite small) forum!


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