Final Fantasy Net’s progress

Final Fantasy Net's Progress!It’s an exciting day for Final Fantasy Net; our traffic (which means the amount of people that visit the site) has increased massively recently. We have already comfortably beaten June’s statistics with a week of July left. This is very encouraging as our traffic has more than doubled, from approximately 210 visits a day to around 500 visits a day. As well as this, our forum and FF13 page have attracted a lot of interest, but out Advent Children page is becoming increasingly viewed. We would encourage all those prospective FF7AC fans to sign up to our forum!

Lastly for this news update, we’re pleased to announce two new affiliates: The Final Fantasy is one of the very largest and oldest Final Fantasy web sites on the internet, and Final Fantasy Advanced was a huge provider of Final Fantasy media, though it is now re-opening with a whole new and exciting Final Fantasy page. We’re proud to be affiliated with both of these great sites.

Now, I’m off to the beach for a bit – we will be updating a lot more soon. Stay tuned!

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