Final Fantasy Topsites

Topsite list - Final Fantasy NetThis post is really a call to all those of you who are webmasters running your very own webpage. Final Fantasy Net’s topsite list is now one of the largest Final Fantasy topsites on the internet, and it’s size is helping us increase our recognition in the Final Fantasy community.

What we’re asking you, the webmaster (of any kind of site, forum or blog, it doesn’t have to be Final Fantasy related) is to join our topsites! Everyone knows how fun it is to compete with other sites, and watch our sites grow and prosper in these lists; it will also get you a link back on one of the top Final Fantasy topsites there is!

To those of you who have already joined, thanks very much – your support and competition is hugely appreciated. For those that haven’t, don’t forget to join!

Not a webmaster? There are still ways you can help! If you are a news poster or even a forum user on someones forum, you can post a link to Final Fantasy Net on your signature or in a message. All these things do get noticed by us as we’re constantly tracking them (to the point where we have very little life remaining). Links are probably the most important thing a website can achieve, hence our wanting so many of them. If you’ve posted our link on a webpage, blog, or forum, let us know by joining our forums and giving us the link to the page we’re linked on (if you understood that last sentence then you’re already half way there!). You might even get a boost to your reputation. More soon…


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