Final Fantasy XII-2 release?

At a Square-Enix press conference on the 8th of May, 2006, the company behind many popular roleplaying game series’ (RPG) such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, announced that there would be a new game released (well, 3 or more actually) on the PlayStation 3, named Final Fantasy XIII (13). As well as this, the company gave details of various other titles on the horizon. Such games include Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers on the Wii, and (a bit of a mouthful) Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors also on the Nintendo system.

Not only is the Final Fantasy XIII compilation to contain several titles on multiple consoles, the hugely popular Final Fantasy VII series is ever expanding, with several off-shoot games and even a movie released. Then of course there was Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2!

While this seems like rather a handful of games already, one must bare in mind that Final Fantasy XII (that’s 12) is still not available in the Europe or Europe. It would seem rude of Square-Enix to create so many sequels for without considering the possibility of expanding the enigmatic Final Fantasy XII ’series’, would it not?

Final Fantasy XII Akihiko Yoshida has now revealed that there is a possibility that Final Fantasy XII-2 (FF XII-II?!) will be released at some stage in the future. This adds on from Yasumi Matsuno’s discussion of the the possibility of adding a sequel from an interview in Famitsu.

Thankfully, the Square team are currently prioritising the first and main Final Fantasy XII game’s release in Europe and North America, so let’s try to avoid being too cynical and about the increasingly ironically named Final Fantasies future plans. Let us be honest, they do make good games, even though Marx may very well be turning in his grave.

Source:; Spiras Destiny.

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