Final Fantasy XII Information

FF XIITo go along with the games near release, Sony have revealed they’re going to be releasing a special FF12 PlayStation 2 bundle; features are said to include a cell phone strap, a special marking on the PS2, and (in FFNet’s opinion, most excitingly) the special PS2 stand.

Goodness me. Much as I do love Square Enix for all they have done for RPGs and video games Final Fantasy XII Memory Cardgenerally, this company sure knows how to bleed it’s support of their money.

That’s not all, though. There’s also a wireless controller sweetly titled the “Cordless Compact Controller Final Fantasy XII Version”. How could one think of playing FF12 without the official wireless controller? Shame on you!

Oh, and the official Final Fantasy XII Memory Card! From what we’ve heard, it seems the FFXII memory card will be white, and will have FF 12 related stickers with it.

We wonder if Square Enix will ever realise the rampant capitalism is somewhat repellant? Perhaps not. And let’s be honest, we’re all probably going to buy most of it, so I wont get to far on my high horse about it.


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