Final Fantasy XII receives a huge rating from “Famitsu”

FFXII gets Famitsu thumbs up! The oh-so-very long awaited Final Fantasy XII is soon to be released in Japan (supposedly the 16th of March — let’s not hold our collective breaths too hard, shall we?) and the good news is that it’s attracted the highest of praise from the esteemed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, scoring an impressive 40 on the scale of all things good in the world of video games.

Now, 40 may not seem like that much in the usual world of “A+”, and “100%”, but allow me to put that into context for you. Famitsu (probably the most respected Japanese gaming magazine) has given a rating of 40 to only a number of games. “40” is to Famitsu the ultimate plateau onto which a game can be lifted. A rating of 40 means that the game scored 10 out of 10 on each of the four main criteria.

It is as a consequence of this that we here at Final Fantasy Net find ourselves rejoicing that our 4 year wait has not been for no reason. It would seem, given that Famitsu is such a reliable source, we can expect something even better than Final Fantasy X. Certainly something to beat Final Fantasy IX and VIII. Who knows, maybe it’ll eclipse Final Fantasy VII.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves again, aren’t we? We’ll have to wait and see, but the forecast for Final Fantasy XII is atleast promising!


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