Final Fantasy XII released in Japan!

Final Fantasy XII released in Japan!Glorious news indeed, Final Fantasy XII — the game we’ve all been waiting literally years for — has finally been released in Japan. There’s now no fear of the game that is astonishing Japanese gamers not being released in the US and UK as was briefly feared.

Final Fantasy XII released

The game is doing well in the large gaming sites reviews and “story so far” articles, and so we can surely expect a rare treat when we finally get hold of a copy. The game supposedly innovates in ways unlike other RPGs, but we’ll hopefully cover the game soon with reviews and such like.

In other news, the Final Fantasy Net topsite list now has a massive 200 buttons displaying the rankings of our members. We only had 20 before, so it is a big addition! If you’re not already a member, and you have a site – do please join up!


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