Final Fantasy XIII E3 News!

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Terrific news has just reached us, from our much loved affililates Unlimited Gamer:

“Over the last hour or so the Square-Enix Press Conference has been underway, and the most notable bit of information is the reality of Final Fantasy XIII. Not only that but a video was shown indicating the game will be action oriented”

The article goes on to discuss 2 further Final Fantasy XIII games; one for the mobile (apparently named Final Fantasy XIII Agito), and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PlayStation 3. This appears to be an attempt to emulate the success of the Final Fantasy VII sequels (and prequels, for you pedants)… the only problem I can see is that it lacks, at least at this stage, the cult status of Final Fantasy VII. Let’s not get cynical too early in the article, though — I have to end with my usual gloomy outlook, don’t I?

As well as this, 1up have pointed out several new releases that Square Enix are planning. Several Final Fantasy titles, as well as the ones mentioned above, including numerous Crystal Chronicles sequels, for both the DS and the Wii (still can’t stop giggling when I see the title written). There’ll be a new Dragon Quest, too — Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. What a mouthful.

So, with all this activity, we can but wait for the E3 madness to kick in. Square Enix just keep giving, don’t they? They are so selfless. Who needs communism when capitalism is clearly such a joy? Please tell me you kids get irony.

Will post more Final Fantasy 13 news shortly! Ciao for now!


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