There has been rumour and speculation that a fourth title in the Final Fantasy XII would be announced soon after the original 3 titles were announced. That time appears to have come. Thanks to our friends at the often updated Spiras Destiny, we discover that Square Enix has created a logo with the name “Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII”. This would indicate to us that there might be a game called Final Fantasy Haeresis 13. Call me a psychic, I don’t care ;). A lot of people are speculating this will be the Xbox 360 game people have been waiting for. Who knows, but at least we know it might be something.

Other news is that there may be an exciting surprise at the Square Enix Party for 2007 which will take place at Makuhari Messe near Tokyo, which will presumably pertain to future Square Enix titles. As our spectacular Kingdom Hearts III site points out, it may well be Kingdom Hearts related, rather than Final Fantasy.

Tetsuya Nomura announced that the next Kingdom Hearts project would not be revealed at the Square-Enix Party 2007, but a surprise is prepared.

Square-Enix has yet to announce a list of titles set to be exhibited. That being said, with at least 13 games scheduled to go on sale in Japan before the end of the year, there probably will be more than enough reasons for fans to head for Chiba come May. – Riku, Kingdom Hearts 3

Regardless, we are looking forward to the Square Enix party, and check out the the above link and this link featuring a Square Enix manager interview for more information.

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