He dedicated his spring/summer 2013 collection to Sade and

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replica hermes birkin There is a certain nostalgia for fashions past to Rousteing’s work not Proustian, but a retro eagerness to re explore the styles that informed his relatively recent childhood. He dedicated his spring/summer 2013 collection to Sade and Gianni Versace; his latest spring collection was a bold as brass buttoned ode to Karl Lagerfeld’s early Nineties collections for Chanel. Many in the audience shifted uncomfortably, remembering those clothes first time around. But Rousteing doesn’t really care. “I think Balmain today is really a new generation brand, even keeping the tradition,” he states. This summer, that went a step further: Rihanna was the model for the Balmain advertisements, dressed in quilted leather, denim and houndstooth checks. She’s 26 the same generation, then, as Rousteing. “It was an amazing statement for the house, for fashion,” he says. “It was really important that she was doing the campaign because she’s my muse, she’s my icon, and she’s my friend.” As is often the case when two ridiculously good looking people end up in Instagram frames together, rumours swirled that the friendship was more than platonic (Rousteing is gay but he did pose for a faked up proposal shot that went viral). replica hermes birkin

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hermes replica bags This chapter follows the aftermath of Cade’s destruction. When Kelly crashed Stefan’s and Caroline’s wedding, before her death, she finally confessed that Katherine has returned once again. But all of that was just a distraction, which aimed to cover up Katherine’s real plan. She wanted to destroy Mystic Falls using the Hellfire, which was eventually released by Vicki, when she rang the bell 12 times. After the disaster at the wedding, Bonnie regained her witch powers, but with terrible cost. Finally, she together with the rest of the Bennett witches combined their powers, and used them to draw the Hellfire through the tunnels all the way to Armory. Then they deflected it back to hell, as it was the only way to destroy it once and for all, but that came with one major death. Later she used her powers to wake Elena up, and she finally decided to live her life to the fullest and to travel the world. In the meantime, Alaric and Caroline opened new school for the gifted children, Elena and Damon married and after their deaths they found their peace with their loved ones hermes replica bags.

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