My work in a foundation makeup products lab

I work in the stem cell group at l’oral’s advanced research laboratory just away from paris, managing a small team of scientists and employees.We are considering how stem cells are involved in the ageing process, trying to work out whether the way they behave as we get older is a cause of the symptoms of ageing or an effect.Manner in which, this is something we should eventually be able to target cosmetically.

Before i came to l’oral i did two postdocs one at purdue institution in west lafayette, indy, on neural stem cells and one at a healthcare facility for sick children in toronto, nova scotia, looking at dermal stem cells how they know the difference into other cells, where they can be found and how they change as we age.After working in academia for seven years i needed a change and thought that working in cosmetics would be interesting and useful in different ways to what i was used to.

The truth is, working for l’oral is not drastically unlike working at a university the labs are amazingly well equipped and the people are technically skilled.We design findings, redesign them when they don’t go as you expected, attend internal meetings and discuss our research with fellow workers.The is probably that industry is less about deciphering nature’s secrets than trying to find a way to use what is already known.

As well as hiring my team, i also cooperate with scientists from l’oral’s brands, for example, lancme or vichy, helping them to use our results in order to cultivate better products.I sit on phd committees and train the master’s students that l’oral has brought on, so i still have to conserve the academic mindset.

I was lucky to be fixing stem cells just as they were becoming the next big thing, but that can be hard to predict for many occasions.Choosing a phd.If you will need to work for a big company like l’oral, consider using a really strong academic profile, what you may study.You can do a phd or master’s with l’oral but we also hire people with really diverse backgrounds and training who haven’t been through the system.There is no hard and fast rule you need to simply be good at what you do.

I really feel such research is the only route that will lead to anti aging, cure all disorders, cosmetic alterations and rejuvenation going forward, or perhaps wearing shiny boots, we will all get nose jobs with an shot.Plastic surgeons will be thought of as gifted butchers.Keep up the great work, i have at most 40 years in me so find get rid of aging in that time please: )

It isn’t just vanity this kind of research will benefit, it’s going to change the lives of everyone across the world in many amazing and scary ways as long as nothing goes wrong an the research wipes us out.

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The l’oreal articles isn’t an advertorial, but an insight into what it is like to do research for one of the world’s largest companies which is why it reads like a case study rather than traditional article.